Live and let live. Love and let love. Why is it even a thing?? – Melodie Johnston

An open letter to MP’s on Marriage Equality – Bridie Cavanaugh

It’s time. It’s freaking time.- Kerryn Tippett

Marriage equality. The non-issue that is being made into an issue. Don’t want to marry someone of the same sex? Don’t! But people sure as heck shouldn’t be made to feel like their love is not as important as the love between a man and a woman. Some awesome person once sang “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love” but they got one part wrong – the world ALWAYS needs love so let’s help get those lovin’ happy feels out in the world and celebrate L O V E, not hinder it!< - Amy Logan

Marriage is a celebration of love, an awesome acknowledgement and declaration to the world that those two people have found in each other their other half. Love doesn’t discriminate by gender or sexuality, and nor should marriage. Love is love. – Lauren Evans

Marriage…. it’s a human right. We may be ‘gay’ but we are also human – Evie Teasdale

It surprised me that Ireland, a traditionally Catholic country, legalised gay marriage before Australia. I am not sure if this is a sign of how far Ireland have come or how far behind Australia is. Come on Australia. It is time for love and equality to prevail. – Julie Muir

This is a ridiculous argument to be having. In a world where it is hard enough to find the right person, in which we see so much negativity and terrible things happening, the idea that honest, promised, committed love could ever be a bad thing – is beyond ridiculous. We should be celebrating, encouraging and congratulating any two people lucky enough to have found their way through the fog to fall in love. The argument is ridiculous. I’m sick of arguing it. – Robyn Pattison

If any two people love each other then why can’t they legally be married. Love is love regardless of the gender of the person. – Kitty Kulman

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